Nr. VI-VII (2006-2007): Peripheral Arabic Dialects

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Werner Arnold: The Arabic Dialect of the Jews of Iskenderun

Andrei A. Avram: Romanian Pidgin Arabic

Guram Chikovani: Some Peculiarities of Central Asian Arabic from the Perspective of History of Arabic Language

Dénes Gazsi: Shiʻite Panegyrical Poems from the Township of Dašt-i Āzādagān (Ḫūzistān)

George Grigore: L’énoncé non verbal dans l’arabe parlé à Mardin

Otto Jastrow: Where do we stand in the research on the Anatolian qǝltu dialects?

Jérôme Lentin: L’arabe parlé Sicile était-il un arabe périphérique?

Gunvar Mejdell: From periphery towards centre stage: research on mixed styles results and challenges

Jonathan Owens & Fadila Brahimi: Grundvokabular und idiomatische Struktur: Arabisch in Nigeria und Nordafrika

Stephan Procházka: Does geographical periphery imply linguistic periphery? The examples of the Arabic dialects of Cilicia and Urfa in Southern Turkey

Arlette Roth: Quelles nouvelles perspectives s’ouvrent avec l’exploration et la description des dialectes arabes dits périphériques?

Thomas Stolz & Andreas Ammann : Beda u Qabad : The Maltese Inchoative / Ingressive

Catherine Taine-Cheikh: Périphérie géographique et perméabilité aux contacts. Le cas du Maghreb

Shabo Talay: The influence of Turkish, Kurdish and other neighboring languages on Anatolian Arabic

Hristina Tchobanova: Phonetic features and changes in Andalusia Arabic: a case study of the laryngeal plosive /’/

Nadia Anghelescu (ed.) and George Grigore (a.ed.), Romano-Arabica VI-VII, Peripheral Arabic Dialects, 2007, Center for Arab Studies. Bucharest: Editura Universităţii din Bucureşti.