Proceedings of the Colloquium on Arabic Linguistics (1994)

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Nadia Anghelescu

Andrei A. Avram

Kees Versteegh: Western studies on the history of Arabic grammar: 1969-1994

Georges Bohas: Au-delà de la racine

M.G. Carter: Grammatical terminology

Nadia Anghelescu: Relations sémantiques dans le système des déictiques en arabe

Andrei A. Avram: Some structural characteristics of Arabic pidgins and creoles

Ramzi Baalbaki: Teaching Arabic at university level. Problems of grammatical tradition

Rodica Buburuzan: Significations des énoncés et actes de language chez Ibn Faris

Georges Dorlian: De quelques problèmes d’ordre lexicologique en trqduction de et vers l’arabe

Said Faiq: A semiotic solution to the intricacies of translating from Arabic

Ioana Feodorov: Derivatives of the root Š-D-D in classical lexicographic definitions

Xavier Lelubre: Les collocations de spécialité en arabe scientifique: exemple de l’optique

Aryeh Levin: The status of the direct object in early Arabic grammar

Adrian Măcelaru: Problems of Arabic gender: The gender of the denomination of the parts of the human body

Bruno Paoli: Essai de reconstruction du sytème pré-halilien de la métrique arabe

Khaled Rifaat: The pitch accent of Egyptian Arab children

Mahmud Husein Salih: Functions of loanwords in Arabic

Oqlah Smadi & Fawwaz Al-Abed Al-Haq: An analysis of AFL expository discourse

Ibrahim Taha: Elements of dialects in Palestinian literature in Israel (the case of M. Naffa´a and M.A. Taha)

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Nadia Anghelescu

Nicolae Dobrişan

Ahmad Mukhtar Omar: Contemporary Arab research on the history of Arabic Linguistics: an outline

Abdel-Aziz Matar: Contemporary research on Arabic dialects

Alia Abu Tayeh: Language levels in the Jordanian mass-media

Hilmi Khalil: Fundamental principles of sociolinguistics with Ğāḥi

R. Talmon: A new inquiry into the beginnings of Arabic phonetics

Badr Al-Mas: Arabic in universities and methods of teaching Arabic as foreign language

Mahmud Husni Magalsah: The reading of Isa Omar At-Taqaf: sources, peculiarities and the grammarians’ standpoint

Khalil Hilmi: Diachronic lexical variation: preparing an Arabic historical dictionary