Colocviul Peripheral Arabic Dialects (2007)

Colloquium chaired by Otto Jastrow

May 18-20, 2007





Friday, May 18th

Chair: Arlette Roth

11:00 Otto Jastrow, Erlangen

Where do we stand in the research on the qeltu dialects?

11:30 Stephan Prochaska, Vienna

Does geographical periphery imply linguistic periphery? – The examples of the Arabic dialects of Cilicia and Urfa in Southern Turkey

12:00 Shabo Talay, Erlangen

The influence of Turkish, Kurdish and other neighbouring languages on Anatolian Arabic

12:30 Lunch

Chair: George Grigore

14:30 Catherine Taine-Cheikh, Paris

Périphérie géographique et perméabilité aux contacts. Le cas du Maghreb

15:00 Jonathan Owens, Maryland & Fadila Brahimi, Bayreuth

Grundvokabular und idiomatische Struktur: Arabisch in Nigeria und Nordafrika/ Cores and Peripheries: Basic Vocabulary and Idiomatic Structure in Nigerian and North African Arabic

15:30 Thomas Stolz & Andreas Ammann, Bremen

Beda u Qabad – The Maltese Inchoative / Ingressive

16:00 Jérôme Lentin, Paris

L’arabe parlé en Sicile était-il un arabe périphérique?

16:30 Break

Chair: Guram Chikovani

16:45 Werner Arnold, Heidelberg

The Arabic dialect of the Jews of Iskenderun (Turkey)

17:15 George Grigore, Bucharest

L’énoncé non verbal dans l’arabe parlé à Mardin

19:30 Cocktail

Saturday, May 19th

Chair: Catherine Taine-Cheikh

9:30 Hristina Tchobanova, Sofia

Andalusi Arabic – phonetic features and changes

10:00 Dénes Gazsi, Budapest

Shi‘ite Panegyrical Poems from the Township of Dašt-i Āzādigān (Khūzistān)

10:30 Break

Chair: Shabo Talay

11:00 Andrei A. Avram, Bucharest

A Romanian-Arabic pre-pidgin

11:30 Gunvor Mejdell, Oslo

Academic spoken style as peripheral (or ephemeral) dialects?

12:00 Lunch

Chair: Gunvor Mejdell

14:00 Guram Chikovani, Tbilisi

Linguistic Peculiarities of Central Asian Arabic dialects from the point of view of the History of Arabic Language

14:30 Arlette Roth, Paris

Quelles leçons peut-on tirer de l’exploration et de la description des dialectes arabes périphériques

15:00 Closing Remarks

The papers were published in Romano-Arabica 6-7 (2006-2007) – Peripheral Arabic Dialects