Nr. VIII-XI (2011): Islamic Space: Linguistic and Cultural Diversity

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Mohammad Sadegh Basiri, Diachronic Transformation in Persian Language Based on Syntagmatic & Paradigmatic Relations

Gabriel Biţună, The Morpho-Syntax of The Numeral in The Spoken Arabic of Tunis

Cristina Ciovârnache, Semantic Sources of The Inchoative Aspectualizers in Persian

Sebastian Gadomski, Beginnings of Emirati Theatrical Movement

Saddik M. Gohar, Rewriting Islamic History in Contemporary Arabic Poetry

George Grigore, Le système consonantique de l’arabe parlé à Khorramshahr (Iran)

Julia Anna Krajcarz, Women in The Names of Istanbul Mosques

Georgiana Nicoarea, Translator’s Interventions in The Iraqi Arabic Version of Eugen Ionesco’s La leçon

Mihai Pătru, Political Liberalization in The GCC Countries: A Top – Down Process

Alexandra Daniela Pleşa, Social Status and Material Culture. Viewing The Ninth to Eleventh Centuries Khurasani Society through Samanid Pottery

Corina Postolache, Romanian Translation of Address Forms in Naguib Mahfouz’s Novels

Ruzana Pskhu, Concepts of “Nazar” and “Ru’ayah” in The Works of Niffary

Laura Sitaru, Some Considerations on The Concept of Muwatana

Paweł Siwiec, Rhythmical Structure of The Classical Arabic Verse

Christian Tămaş, Modernity and Fundamentalism in Transplanted Islam. Actual Trends

Book reviews
George Grigore, L’arabe parlé à Mardin – monographie d’un parler arabe « périphérique », Bucharest, Editura Universităţii din Bucureşti, 2007, pp.350. (Andrei A. Avram)

George Grigore and Laura Sitaru (eds.), Romano-Arabica VIII-XI, Islamic Space: Linguistic and Cultural Diversity, 2011, Center for Arab Studies. Bucharest: Editura Universităţii din Bucureşti.

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